Furniture Restoration


Fine antiques that had lost their luster are restored not only to their original grace, but often to an even higher level of character and patina that can only come through time and proper conservation. We use the same custom blended finishes, waxes and specialized tools which our European forefathers used, developed centuries ago by the original furniture artisans and craftsmen. Let us bring your furniture back to life so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.


When restoring an antique, the original finish, and everything beneath it, is untouched. The surface is cleaned and prepped. If it’s necessary to add stain or do any color touch ups or blending, it’s done on top of the old finish. Finally, a brand new finish is applied and generally built up in layers to fill in any low spots in the existing finish. Shellac or lacquer is used to finish the piece, but in the case of restoration, the story and historical tales of this piece of furniture are left, safely sealed beneath the previous finish. Finish restored, history preserved.


Ever seen old wood floors completely refinished?  What a difference it can make to the look of a room. Furniture is no different than flooring when it comes to beauty potential. When we refinish a piece of furniture, we begin by strip the old finish or paint, then the wood is sanded to absolute perfection. The piece can then be stained in the shade preferred to complement the room where it will be placed. The piece is finished and preserved with a spray on lacquer finish. You’ll be amazed by the finished product! That’s one of the unique characteristics of wood. It can always be sanded down to a layer that has never seen light. A perfect marriage of grain and fiber, just waiting for the richness of color and a protective finish.