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This award, the modern form of the original Purple Heart established by General George Washington in 1782, is conferred on any person wounded in action while serving with the Armed Forces of the United States. It is also awarded posthumously to the next of kin of personnel killed or having died of wounds received in action after April 5, 1917. Illustration by Virginia Reyes of the Air Force News Agency. This image is 4x6 inches @200 ppi.JEFF WALTON & DOUG ROYE


“When we started, some folks said that friends should
never go into business together. 
I’d like to think we’ve proven them wrong.”

In 2007, Doug and Jeff were on their 2nd deployment together in Iraq when and IED exploded between their Humvees. Jeff, a gunner,was struck with several pieces of shrapnel as well as parts of the IED ripping through his right arm. Doug suffered from a concussion while his Humvee caught fire.

Both were awarded with Purple Hearts.

After a lengthy recovery, Jeff became an apprentice under Kent Weathersby, founder of Weathersby Guild, Inc., the leading expert in furniture repair. Eventually Doug and Jeff joined forces again, this time to open a full-service refining and restoration shop.
American Woodworking was formed to bring the professional strengths of these two friends together. With a focus on customers and craftsmanship, Doug and Jeff have built one of the best full-service woodworking shops in the area.

Become part of our family and let American Woodworking take care of your heirlooms